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Pup Weight20 grams
Adult Weight1kg
Gestation3 weeks
Maturity Period6 months
Lifespan4-6 years

Spending their lives entirely in the Osvaran tree canopy, wrethliks are nest-stealing monotremes.

Incredibly skilled at tree top navigation, they can move with impressive speed when they need to, living nomadic lives in search of fresh eggs to consume.


Wrethliks spend most of their days gaining weight by devouring eggs from unattended nests. They never tend to eat all eggs present, seemingly aware of needing to maintain populations of their prey. They will eat all eggs if they intend to claim the nest for their own.

Nest Claiming

Being monotremes, these warm blooded creatures require nests in order to lay their eggs. Instead of building their own, they find the enclosed nests of osvaran swallows, consuming all of the eggs present(if any) and then closing the nest up. In these makeshift dens they lay their eggs, then hibernate until their young hatch, even then only stirring from slumber to feed their young. They lose considerable weight during this period.

They remain in these enclosures until their young are strong enough to cling to their mother, then returning to a nomadic, egg stealing life.

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