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RegionCentral Mortegard
TypeAncient location
Built ByUnknown Civilization


The Wilderlands are a mysterious region located somewhere in the center of Mortegard. Completely uninhabited, travelers that are permitted to tread here, seek out rare artifacts that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Often depicted artistically as an island, the Wilderlands, in fact, are completely landlocked. When people recall imagery or the sense of being there, however, they recall it as an island or having a feeling of isolation.

The legend of The Mortal Gods claims that this is where the scholar that defeated them was sent to rule over, once his work was done.


Temple to a Forgotten God

Standing in defiance of the Five Primordials, This temple is a flooded mystery to a deity best left forgotten.

Silent Maw

A deep, shifting unnaturally dark cavern, this is the sole source of Eulogium ore in all of Mortegard.

Dead City

An enormous, gold-clad city stands in perfect condition, as if the mysteriously absent citizens had only just vanished. My strangest of all, are the singing sorobans…

Darkglow Ruins

The light absorbing properties of this place give all who gaze at these ruins a sense of foreboding. But the secrets known to drive lesser men to violence help drive innovation in fields of alembria and prayer.


The bestial forms that inhabit the hinterland possess bones that glow with a illuminating vibrance. Most precious of all is the ivory, which has psychosomatic effects on those that desire to hunt it.


Rulers forbid average citizens from treading ground in The Wilderlands. The Four Great Kingdoms have a pact to work together to prevent trespassers regardless of their allegiances.

All citizens who attempt to seek their fortune in The Wilderland will meet the full force of The Grey Fingers, be ye man, woman or child. Visitation or speculation to any not permitted on the ground is strictly prohibitied. So sayeth the Iron Decree.
Rordras Dustshoulder

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