Tundric Mudcloak

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Born impoverished in [The Undercity], Tundric worked his way to become a prominent and wealthy dwarf who lives outside of Arkenheart, serving as a Courtier for those with the coin to hire his services.

Tundric built his first fortune during [The Great War]. His kindred fleeing or fighting, Tundric started redistributing supplies where he saw the efforts as futile, instead sending them to where they made a difference – usually to starving population centers. As word of his exploits grew, he drew in outcasts and vagabonds looking for a home, and thus The Encumbered Eagles was founded.

As the war grew more dire, Tundric found there was more coin to be made in relocating people instead of resources. Specifically those that wanted to avoid a guaranteed death in the war.

Once the Iron Decree was forged, his services extended to any who did not want to live beneath it, provided he had the coin. But he had a soft spot for families and usually let them slip in at a steep discount.

As he grew in infamy he attracted the ire of the Tsardom. Increasing pressure and bounties, especially as The Iron Decree became mroe solidified in dwarven culture caused him to flee Arkenheart without a dram of gold in his pocket.

Taking up with a fellow outcast who called himself The Bandit King, he rose through the ranks of misfits due to his extreme cunning and planning capabilities. He guided The Bandit King away from violence and towards a more just, sustainable path. With the aid of other rulers, and the bandit king, he leverages his connections to set up a smuggling network, which evolved into a self managed distribution network to serve the rulers living outside of the bounds of The Four Great Kingdoms.

His work done, Tundric wanted to move up the ranks of the world and so left his line or work as a smuggler and advisor to The Bandit King and became a Courtier for hire.

Abilities & Possessions

Burning Treason

Given the nature of his work, Tundric is a hardened combat veteran with over a dozen kills under his belt. Rumors speak of him slaying a crooked single handed, but he will quickly deny this was the case.

Tundric possesses an emberetched blade called ‘Burning Treason’ and a crossbow with razor pointed bolts. He also wears ‘a cloak of many lives’ said to have the ability to repel arrows, an artifact worth the lives of many.

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