Tomb of Woe

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Found deep in the hollowed out tunnels of a Sha’haiyan mountain, the entrance to an ancient tomb was discovered. Its door was as tall as a giant, and appeared to have been the remnants of a civilization of mortals with serpentine bodies—once pried open, it gave passage to an inner sanctum housing a sarcophagus. Although the remains inside the tomb had long since crumbled to dust, there was evidence of something else that had been trapped within.

Claw marks, desperate to escape, lined the walls and ceilings. Many of the carvings within were defaced in the wake of whatever had caused such a scene, yet there still remained depictions of creatures not yet seen before in the realm of Mortegard.

Etched into the walls were dark figures, limbs and bodies stretched thin enough that one might’ve mistaken it as the marks left behind…these creatures were shown to be ravaging the serpent-like people, ripping them to shreds and grabbing whatever they could get their hands on. In a half-destroyed mural, these figures were seen cowering away from something undecipherable.

Sha’haiyan elders attempted to make sense of the foreboding discovery, yet only managed to pass down the legacy through stories and songs. It wasn’t until many years later when a realm-wide cacophony of screams pierced the world did they finally understand what the warning meant.

They were coming—the Crooked would yet terrorize the realm of mortals yet again.

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