The Grey Fingers

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The seal of The Greyfingers, with Rordras Dustshoulder’s Thumbprint


The Grey Fingers arose out of need in Arkenheart to help fight back against [The Crooked]. They are the core force of Arkenheart, performing many of the tasks to uphold [The Iron Decree] including military management, negotiations with other rulers, statecraft, trade, upholding the law, operation of the judicial system and criminal apprehension.

Every Grey Finger is an embercrafter, which is one of the many prerequisites to be given the title.

Grey fingers derive their names from the perpetual ash that is seen on their fingers from their regular embercrafting.


Grey Fingers are forced to go through rigorous training. Keeping strict diets, denied sleep for up to a week at a time, denied any form of alcohol, and are often required to carry specially weighted armor that is often times greater than their body weight.

On top of this a minimum of six hours of embercraft training takes place each day to hone their crafts.

Dwarves are singled out for their talents and are trained in what they are best suited to, be it physical or scholarly in nature.

What results from this immense training is highly capable individuals that are formidable against any opponent.

Sengen Flinttooth, a prominent Grey Finger

The Burning Oath

Upon the completion of their training, Grey fingers take ‘The Burning Oath’. It reads as follows:

“I vow upon Iron and Stone to stand steadfast to the letter of the law. I vow upon Sword and Steel to give my last breath for Arkenheart. I vow upon Gold and Family to never utter word of a lie. I am the eyes of Arkenheart. I am the ears of Arkenheart. I hold the might of Arkenheart in my fist, so sayeth the Iron Decree.”

Upon the completion of this oath, they remove their weighed armor, and are branded on their upper right shoulder with the seal of The Grey Fingers

Expanding Ranks

Given that embercrafters are able to sense the ability in other dwarves, potential new members are often taken willingly or unwillingly by a ‘recruitment authority’.

Not all that are taken are capable of embercrafting, with immense passion frequently being mistaken for the ability to embercraft. This results in innumerable deaths in The Emberheart Hollows

Emberheart Hollows

Emberheart Hollows are strange, enormous hammer like structures that have been present in Arkenheart since time immemorial. Thought to be the weapons of a forgotten deity, they sit in craters, glowing ominously. These are used as testing chambers for potential recruits to see if they are capable of embercrafting. Little is known of what goes on inside these structures except that failure means a certain, painful death.

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