The Elves of Osvara

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In the lands of Osvara, it is there that the tallest mountain in all of Mortegard stands, [Mt. Ashala]. Named directly after the [Great Mother Goddess], it is said that in the days where the seas were still sweet and the lands were gelatinous that she first created the elves. In the Osvaran scriptures, it is this teaching that gives them divine right over all, and to glorify themselves and their goddess, built grand citadels atop this mountain.

A peaceful but proud race, the elves of Osvara flourished, basking in their traditions as they embraced their millennia long [Golden Age]. However, like many other great kingdoms, hubris is a silent killer. When the Crooked first appeared from the top of their sacred mountain, the elves were in disbelief. As The Great War ravaged their cities and broke their spirits, they retreated from their basilicas down to the [southern jungles] that bordered their domain.

Once accustomed to a life of luxury, now forced to adapt to the savage lifestyle beyond the experience of even their most impoverished kin. Massive trees as old as time reached past the heights of the lesser mountains, and the great canopies filled the forest with macabre shadows, with predators lurking behind every corner. Thick branches, vines and leaves cast a veil of foliage over the jungle floor, the ground untouched by the dawn’s light for over an eon.

The jungles of Mortegard forged the elves into creatures of night, traversing the jungle by moonlight as the great beasts slept within. They learned to forage and craft poisons as they hid themselves in the trees and slept in the canopy shade during the day. As the elves that couldn’t adapt to this new life perished, the ones that did survive thrived. Years of bloodshed honed the edge of their crafted bone-blades and hardened their chitinous-plated armor.

Led by a master empath who bears the [Crown of Ravens], no secret goes unheard in the lands of Osvara. While elves have little interest in gold beyond its utility as a magical conductor, often times secrets are substituted as a currency.

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