The Dwarves of Arkenheart

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Rowdy, festive, and known for their masterful techniques of Embercraft, the dwarves of Arkenheart have solidified their identity as one of the four great kingdoms of Mortegard. Hundreds of years of celebration of hearth and home are the founding principles that led to the Arkenheart way. Enjoying the pleasant landscapes of flat plains, rolling hills, and coastal cities, these dwarves knew naught of hardship—that was, until The Great War began.

By the time those of Arkenheart became aware of the Crooked, it was already far too late. Forced to abandon their homes, many were pushed west toward their port cities. In a race against time they constructed large, wooden ships and packed as many kegs of ale, salted meats and people as they could; while those who wished for their families to see a brighter future stayed behind to defend their departures.

They fought back ferociously for a time, routing their foe with every strike of the hammer, tip glowing white with flame-like fury, but in the end there is only so much stress a weapon could take before it snaps under its own weight.

While those at sea struggled in vain, watching their homes burn from afar, many anguished. That was until a genius dwarf by the name of [Maverick Stonefoot] took charge. Using their hallmark Embercraft, they tirelessly toiled away on designing novel inventions of weapons that could strike from their position. Taking these plans and sending them by tamed seagulls, they spread their weapons of war from one ship to another.

Peeling off the metal bands that held their casks together, nails pulled from the boards of each ship, they smelted them down with their dwarven magic and constructed what is now known as the [Maverick Cannon]. Using whatever was on hand as shrapnel, the dwarves of Arkenheart were able to carve a foothold back to their cities. Now with access to their forges, many more siege weapons were designed. Inch by inch their lands were recovered and  [The Undercity] was reclaimed, though the bloodshed was great.

Though the battle was won, the scars of war are not easily healed. Even with all of their dwarven might and Embercraft innovations, the sacrifices of men, women and children could not be undone. This loss gnawed at the once cheerful hearts of dwarves, and the kingdom became one of grim, unyielding might—no longer tempered by merriment or cheer, they now focus entirely on making sure that should another war like this come to fruition, everyone would be ready.

So sayeth the [Iron Decree].

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