The Bandit King

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The self proclaimed Bandit King was one of the Lesser Rulers of Mortegard. Falling early during [The Great War], The Curse of Bolochtar brought him into undeath.

Not much in known between the ending of that period and his rise as The Bandit King, where he and a collection of hardened war veterans were waylaying travelling merchants for their supplies.

After run ins with The Lantern Lighters, he decided to hold council with other lesser rulers, taking the advice of Tundric Mudcloak. Through these an alliance was formed, and in a more peaceful and sustainable arrangement with the other rulers was made through the establishment of a [smuggling network].

Leveraging his people, and wards supplied by Arkenheart, he was able to push back the tendrilous threat found in the wildernesses of Mortegard.

Utilizing his smuggling network and the aid of the other rulers, The Bandit King was able to create a sustainable empire, seeing it as his duty to provide for and protect those he failed to during The Great War. Not believing in unjust laws or the coveting of power through secrets, he also harbored many fugitives and escapees of Arkenheart. He supported [Fre’ja] in her endeavors to level the playing field between the Lesser Rulers and the Four Great Kingdoms.

Abilities & Possessions

The Bandit King has shown himself to be an adept soul walker, and has drawn a runetched blade, though his demonstrations have not shown any significant skill.

He possessed a tame Feyhawk which he used for messaging.

The Bandit Kings empire was of an unknown size, but given the amount of resources he required, it is thought to be relatively large.


During a meeting to discuss the construction of a laboratory with his fellow rulers, The Grey Fingers intruded, seeking an audience with the other rulers they had prearranged. Upon noticing Fre’ja, a fugitive they were seeking, a fight broke out. Using his spirit walking, he managed to knock Sengen Flinttooth and a contingent of Grey Fingers over, a remarkable feat for a single combatant.

Failing to warn the two beforehand, or do anything during the conflict, the other rulers watched on in horror as a conflict with Rordras Dustshoulder proved too great for the Bandit King. After drawing his runetched blade and attempting to defend himself against Rordras, he was turned to ash by the use of a cinderbar.

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