Temple to a Forgotten God

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TypeAncient Location
Built ByUnknown Civilization


An enormous ruin built by a culture lost to the annals of history, located in the southwest corner of The Wilderlands, The Temple to a Forgotten God stands in defiance to the supremacy of the five primordials. Within the deathly quiet labyrinth, supreme knowledge exudes from the etchings and images on the walls – though this noesis is slippery and soon forgotten. The longer one stays, the less welcome they feel, and even from afar one can see the sun-bleached bones of the screaming victims that fell too deep into the trappings of forbidden histories. 

Bizarre plants grow here, found nowhere else in the land of Mortegard. When successfully transplanted, they provide great fertility to the land in which they take root, seeming to acquire the desired characteristics of surrounding plants or the environment they’re intended for, making them a great boon, whether for religious, agricultural, or other purposes…

This supposed ‘god’ was worshipped wrongly by fools of the past. Its name is best left forgotten for false deities have no place among the primordials.
– Morgan Aileswell, Lantern Lighter

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