The Dev-ine Council

Gathered from the far reaches of the internet, forged under the hammer of passion and bound by the unity of a common goal, the Team conjuring Mortegard into existence is the product of the community that supports it.

Already since its conception, the team behind Mortegard has put countless hours into the project and see no end to the boundless energy drawn from a well of enthusiasm.


Marketing & Media
Tile Art
‘Everything else’

A father of 2, CryptoB has started and sold several small enterprises. He is the go-to for many of the roles in Mortegard, from web development & gameplay systems, to tile art & marketing. A fast learner and loving a challenge, Crypto find things to get done, and follows through.


Lead Programmer
UI/UX Design
‘Final Filter’

A dangerously efficient programmer and sole creator of the Mortegard Client, Sillac doesn’t shy away from a difficult hurdle confronting the project. He is also masterfully crafty with wording and meticulous with fine touches so tends to be the one to give final passes to content prior to release. 


Lead Artist

Beefeater is masterful with the digital brush and pen. Formally a copywriter, Beef left that role for a different way of life and eventually found himself on the Dev-ine council. The art style of Mortegard is attributed to Beef as well as much of the presentation of the NFTs and style. Beefeater is also a contributor to the lore when he doesn’t have his hands full with art.

The Dev-oted

The Dev-oted are friends and partners of Mortegard that have made significant & meaningful contributions to The Project and are listed in the Hall of Mortegardian Heroes.

Meme Man

Telegram Manager

Meme Man enthusiastically stepped forward to assist in the management of the Mortegard Telegram. He is a great point of contact when the Dev-ine Council are occupied.


Community Manager

Swooping into the community, flysideways quickly found his new home. If gif-hinter was a profession then he would be first class. Flysideways is endlessly helpful and works tirelessly to make all newcomers on Discord feel welcome.


Lore Master

The father of the Lorebook, Butler is a maestro of conveying ideas in a digestible format. The initial concept, and many of the lore ideas within Mortegard were largely conceived by him.


Moral Support
A source of endless wit and moral support, Reticle was profoundly important to initial founding Mortegard. Assisting in matters of community development, the world of Mortegard would not be the same without him



The Socratic Method is Jack’s go-to when it comes to Mortegard’s development. He burrows down to the bottom of each topic to find a solution and iron out logical fallacies or oversights. Jack’s ideas bring new concepts into Mortegard, and open paths otherwise left unexplored, garnering greater depth to the lore.

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