Sympathy Toad

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Adult Weight300grams
HabitatBolochtarian Swamps
Maturity Period3 cycles
Lifespan2 years

Found in Bolochtarian swamps, these toads have the ability to cause two people to share emotions as well as invoke extreme emotions when threatened.

Emotional Link

When a sympathy toad is in a calm state, it has the capacity to link the emotions of multiple people to be in tune with an individuals. The first person to place their hands on the toad(the primary individual) becomes the dominant emotional presence. All others making contact with the toad thereafter are able to feel the exact emotion of the primary individual as long as contact is made.

This strange property have led to them being somewhat of a novelty in particular noble crowds and at parties.

Self Defense

These toads use their ability to inflict emotions as a defense mechanism. When startled they will excrete a toxin, often times as a projectile, through the green specialized glands on its back. This toxin instantly invokes an extreme emotion on contact that varies based on the variety of toad. This may be laughter, sadness, arousal, excitement or anger, among other ranges of emotion. This can make them incredibly dangerous when not handled properly. More than once it has been recorded that individuals have laughed themselves to the point of asphyxiation, or angry to the point of immense self harm.

Weaponization & Recreation

The emotion invoking properties of sympathy toads have lead to industrious individuals harvesting their toxin for use recreationally by nobles or for use in biological weapons.

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