Soul Walking

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Mist of a Soul Walker

Soul Walking Basics

Some individuals are able to ‘send their soul’ as a manifested energy to manipulate their environment, this is referred to as ‘soul walking’. This energy physically manifests as a kind of mist or smoke which the color of varies based on the individual, but is most often white in the living and black in the undead. When this mist touches a living person it is incredibly cold, and can foil embercrafters senses and quench weaker embercrafters abilities.

This energy is also how the animation of skeletons lacking ligaments or muscle is possible, though most of the undead in this condition are unable to control it.

Not many practice this art, but it is most common in the undead, who have an innate talent for the art, given the nature of undeath binding their soul to their body rather than their body and soul being amalgamated.

Practical Use

Soul walking has several practical uses. I can be used in a sort of crude of telekinesis lifting, crushing or throwing objects. It can also be used to chill objects or individuals. Most often it is used by ghosts or other natural practitioners to conceal themselves from others by causing eyes to ‘slip off of them’.

Soul walkers can also project themselves to other places and even influence the surroundings there using this same energy, with the distance from the individual depending on their power as a soul walker. The most powerful soul walker known, The King in Black uses this ability to affect the world form his self-imposed isolation.

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