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Snuffberries are a highly addictive stimulant, used in many medicines and military performance enhancers. In most kingdoms they are a controlled substance, with farms over seen by delegates of the ruler.


Snuffberry bushes are grown in arid conditions on a blue leaved plant that grows to roughly 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide. They have jagged woody trunks with many smaller branches that can tolerate light frosts.

Snuffberry flowers emerge when the plant is put under stressful conditions – namely when overwatered and consequently having water withdrawn. These flowers develop into small hard fruiting bodies. When mature, these fruit become pressurized, and eventually explode, jettisoning a seed up to three paces away.

The propulsion of these is a combination of air and a dry, dust-like substance, that when inhaled, grants the stimulating effect. Berries are harvested shortly before maturity and handled with care, where they are transported for sale to apothecaries and alchemists for use in medicine and drug creation.


Use of raw snuffberries grants a stimulating effect for the user, leading to heightened senses and energy. This effect can last up to an hour, where users will either take more, or suffer the after effects.

After effects include: nausea, tiredness, dark hallucinations, low-energy and breathlessness

Users can typically be identified by blistering on their fingers or tongues from popping berries, or, while under the influence, fast paced breathing, speech and dilated pupils.

Usage is highly addictive, and addicts suffer withdrawals for up to a month.

The Hook

The hook is an illicit, liquid substance derived from snuffberries and sympathy toad venom. Consumed orally, it is the most addictive substance known in Mortegard. Once it is consumed once, users will feel the impact for the rest of their lifetime, though it is usually greatly shortened as a result of its use. A dose of The Hook is a single drop with the viscosity of thick honey.

Effects of The Hook include:
-Immense feeling of Euphoria
-Enhanced senses
-Enhanced charisma
-Enhanced strength
-Enhanced capacity to absorb information and problem solve
-Dulled sense of touch and pain
-Loss of empathy

These short-term, immediate use effects last for up to 48 hours, before they begin to wane, and make the user irritable, sad, and dull-witted.

Failure to consume The Hook within a 7 day period results in a painful hemorrhagic death. Nearly all users become slaves to the drug, and many [underlords] use it as a means to control their subjects. Those that can fight the addiction, lose all sense of humanity, devolving into rabid aggressive animalistic behavior before dying.

There is a sombre unnamed song that is regularly sung at campfires warning against use of The Hook.

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