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Adult Weight8kg
HabitatBolochtarian Shoreline
Maturity Period8 cycles
Lifespan5 years

Siltsprinters exist exclusively along the inland Bolochtarian shoreline, where they subsist on a diet of shellfish and small shore plants. Nocturnal, these creatures sprint along silty, blacksand beaches, stopping suddenly when they detect a shellfish. They then dig straight down with their front paws and remove the shellfish, cracking it with their jaws to open out, then slurping the shellfish from its casing.

Being monotremes, these mammal lay eggs inside dens they burrow into sand dunes, leaving only under the cover at night to forage for shellfish.

At night one can hear their shrill wailing sounds when they find a shellfish successfully, other siltsprinters follow this noise and feed upon the same spot.

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