Silent Maw

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TypeAncient Location
Built ByNatural Formation?


Mimicking the yawning mouth of an enormous deadly predator, the Silent Maw stands desolate and uninviting in the crags of the Wilderlands. Any light, be it natural, magical, or from lanterns seems to be filtered through a thick sheet and is largely useless. The darkness threatens to crush the soul of any who enter,  and even sound fails to permeate the thick and humid air here.

Still, many dare the deep and unnaturally dark chasm in search of the highly coveted eulogium ore. The pattern of the caverns seem to shift with each and every visit, making them nigh impossible to navigate, and many brave souls lose their lives in search of the fabled mineral veins that glint dimly in the abyss of the Maw.  

It takes you, inhales you with nary a chew,
A place of pure darkness, air thick as stew,
You enter a gateway a great giant yaw,
Most don’t survive the horror, of the silent maw.

– Erkin Croakthroat, Lepkin Scholar af the Fallen Ruler Thaumaturgic College

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