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Plant Lifespan6 Months


Shimmervine is an invasive weed. While young shoots dull tools when attempting to trim this plant, the real issue lies in when the plants die, where they stiffen and prove difficult to cut with regular tools. Once roots gain a foothold in an area, they are borderline impossible to remove dure to fire resistance, and their incredible stubborn nature.

The leaves of this plant grow to be razor thin, so attempts to remove it must be done with thick leather work gear. This plant can synthesize iron in its stems and leaves, thus thickets are kept to be harvested from in perpetuity.


This plant is dare not farmed as it is able to survive in even the most barren of soils. Attempts to farm in past have led to entire farms being abandoned as this plant took hold in the rich soils and have resulted in impenetrable acres of thickets.


It is thought that this plant originated from alchemical synthesis. Like all biological creations of this process, does not naturally produce, that is to say it bears no fruit nor seed, but instead multiplies from cuttings and root transplants.

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