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Hatch Weight50kg
Adult Weight4-5Megagrams
Incubation Time4-5 Years
Maturity Period50 Years
Lifespan150-200 years
IntelligenceVery low


Despite their enormous size, shattersnakes are incredibly peaceful creatures that remain dormant unless threatened. which they and all their progeny spend their entire lives in. Largely stationary, they use their long tongues to enter the deep nests of lodemites, who share their pit habitat with them.

Occasionally, a shattersnake will shed its skin as it grows in size. In nature, this skin is consumed by lodemites, but cunning rulers have made use of shattersnakes as a source of low effort iron to help build their empires with.


Shattersnakes live in pits which they inherit from their parent. The parents lay a single egg near death, and consequently die. The heat given form their decaying body continues to heat and insulate it through the long incubating process.

In these pits they share a symbiotic relationship with lodemites, who populate the many cracks and crevices in the walls. Shattersnakes eat the insects, keeping their population in check, and their shed skin provides additional nourishment for the lodemites, who’s diet consists mainly of mineral dusts and moss.


Historically shattersnakes were seen as dangerous and oversized creatures that were hunted to near extinction. Upon further study, scholars found that these creatures were keeping lodemite populations in check, leading to the discovery of their peaceful, insectivorous nature.

Since this discovery, many societies and guilds have made efforts to replenish their population for profit or simply to help curb populations of lodemites. However their asexual, sedentary nature, and capacity to lay but a single egg near the end of its life means that their population will likely never reach the pre-culling numbers again.

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