Sha’haiyan Merchants Guild

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Rising out of need from a war torn society, the Merchants Guild plays a crucial part in the now great wealth of Sha’haiya. While they don’t often deal with smaller trades, many innkeepers, shopkeepers and wandering travelers pay tribute to the guild for their support. In exchange they are given guidance on their price structures, are given access to a greater network of suppliers and buyers, and are able to put the guild seal as evidence of their good trade on their door or window.

Their workings include providing an open market for nobles and rulers for items and crucial resources, soliciting large deals for land or artifacts, negotiation on behalf of notable individuals, and finding work and bolstering the business for those in their circles. Lovers of the workings of a free market, they know a rising tide will lift the boats of all.

Divided into three rankings of increasing importance the Sha’haiyan Guild takes immense care to work in the holy number of their people where possible. Each role plays a critical part to the smooth functioning of the guild. Borrowing their name from their dealings of [currencies by weight], their ranking and wealth is also evident by the impacts of their indulgences on their bodies.

Outer Scales

The majority of guild members find themselves in the outer scales of the guild in exchange for their tribute. In exchange for a modest fee, they are given access to a great number of tools anda wide network. Many smaller shopkeepers attribute their success to the guidance of the guild adn tehir assistance in finding suppliers, buyers or being connected to the trade network. Many travelers will only stay at inns with the emblem of the Merchant’s Guild on the door, or shop at store featuring it, all of which are included in maps of regions released annually by the guild.

Featherweight Financiers

Serving as the foot soldiers of the guild, featherweight financiers perform tasks such as introducing new members to the outer scales, seeking out new deals for higher-ranking officials, and tying up loose ends on transactions brokered by midweight merchants. Often heavily worked and travelling on a limited budget, they get their name from their haggard, wrought appearance – though their weight is still evidence of the luxuries their wealth affords them.

Midweight Merchants

A Midweight Merchant

Awarded their name for their growing weight afforded to them by the luxuries their wealth brings them, Midweight merchants serve mostly as arbitrators, contracted by individuals to aid in negotiations and broker deals.

Heavyweight Handlers

Heavyweight handlers stand amidst the highest ranks of all Demons, many of them have direct communication with the [Sha’haiyan Triumvirate]. Currencies are their commodities and they often finance deals and land at the highest of levels. Coupled with the negotiation of midweight merchants they can turn the tide of markets with a few simple words and the swipe of a quill.

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