Scab Fly

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Adult SizeHalf a Digit
Lifespan15 Days


A common pest in farms and homes alike, scab flies lay eggs on unsuspecting animals and on clothing. The flies quickly hatch when they burrow into flesh. They will close the wound over to aid in its healing, creating overnight scabs, in which their name is derived.

Their presence is often unnoticed, being mistaken for a pimple or a minor pox infection. While devouring flesh internally the maggots vomit an anesthetic, meaning the damage goes largely unnoticed by many save for the more cautious observers. After 3-5 days they emerge as fully fledged flies, usually by night, leaving a large, but sterile wound.

Clothing left in the sun kills off eggs, but eggs laid on persons are usually not given sufficient exposure to result in all eggs being rendered inert.

Upon reaching adulthood, flies eat a diet of rotten meat which is usually where they meet potential mates to begin the life cycle anew.


Rumors claim the presence of these flies is largely necessary to maintain a healthy population, claiming they eat out infection from individuals, and apart from the scaring their impact is largely harmless. While educated people would contest this, the rumor remains circulating in many households across The Great Nations.

The larvae are used largely by doctors and healers in healing infected wounds adding to the belief that the flies are largely beneficial.

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