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Runetching Basics

Runetching is the physical scribing of runewords found in alembria onto objects to create fantastical effects. Items with runetched properties are generally called artifacts. Individuals who perform runetching are called artificers.

Like alembria, complex formulae are involved to take variable factors and sources of energy into consideration to achieve a desired result.

While much of runetching will rely on some sort of magical input to charge it is possible to derive inputs from natural energies, as shown with a coldbox.

Runetching should not be confused with emberetching.


Much like alembria, equations must be performed to create a desired effect. Runetching lacks the variability of mortal input, however and is rigid in its results or conditions or must have a wide range of contingencies written in to keep effects consistent.


Runetching is used to create a variety of artifacts of convenience to those with the coin to purchase them. It is also used to enhance combat equipment to add a wide range of effects and properties to weapons, armor and artifacts. See examples at the bottom of this page.


Runetching involves the conversion of energies, natural or magical into a form of magical energy, then converting those to create a desired effect. These energies are absorbed or ejected using magical conductors.

In order to avoid constant energy inputs, magical containers are used to hold vast amounts of magical energy, their capacity dependent on their cut, size, and type.

By using combinations of runewords, usually in hair thin writing effects can be created using a sort of magical coding.

One set of instructions can be used to pull in atmospheric heat, another to convert it to magical energy, another to send it through a conductor into a container to bank it up.as a fail-safe, an additional instruction would be required to cease the conversion at a certain limit, and another to begin it again below. A failsafe would also need to make sure energy wasn’t reverted back into heat below a certain temperature. On top of all of these the lengths, weights and impurities in all conductors would have to be taken into consideration, as well as all properties of the artifact they were placed on. Thsi would result in an artifact that simply charged a gem without purpose.

From here that magical energy could be converted into an result, such as a bolt of lightning at a command word or twisting of a component, the generation of light, or the lighting of fire. All outcomes require failsafes and contingencies. If the structure on which the runeetchign is damaged, often times it can result in the device ceasing to work. It is for this purpose that runetching is oven encased in strong materials, or the majority of the formulae is hidden in special, extra strong compartments.

Magical Conductor

The only known metals to conduct magical energies are gold and silver. Gold is used to express the results of equations, or conduct converted magical energies between sources or magical containers.

It is this property of Gold that initially gave it the [trade-by-weight] values common across all of Mortegard.

Silver is not often used unless it is over long distances as it is a significantly worse conductor of magical energy when compared to gold.

Magical Containers

Acting as batteries for magical energy, magical containers are required for any sort of runetching that does not require an active magical input. Magical containers can be synthesized, but the most affordable option is typically a gem, or jewel, often cut in a certain way and inserted into a golden runetched socket in an artifact.

The most commonly used gems are rubies, emeralds and sapphires, but the gems with the greatest capacity are shards of arcanite.


Runetching is a complex art, and the immense work that goes into even a single piece of equipment makes it unaffordable to all but the most wealthy. It is impractical to fit out armies with artifacts, but individuals with them can often be a fearsome force.


Coldboxes are able to keep what is kept inside of them cold for the purposes of storage.

Using a ring situated around the perimeter has equations that take atmospheric heat from the inside of the box, converts it to magical energy, stores it in a gem(usually a sapphire), then through other equations once a limit is his, expel the stored energies as heat around the outside.

Attempts have been made to reduce the complexity or simplify the production process to little success, leaving these devices in the hands of wealthy nobles.

Lightning Staff

Lightning staves work by taking the impact force from the bottom of them, and converting them to magical energy to be stored in a gem, typically near the top of the staff. Usually through a gesture or pressure applied to a certain location, this energy is released in a straight line from the point of the staff. While formidable weapons even the most advance staves can only hold a handful of charges, and requires significant quantities of impacts to recharge.

In past these staves have used command words that have resulted in injuries to their holders during conversations or when their opponents knwo the command word for them

Shifting Cloaks

Fabric being among the most difficult items to turn into artifacts due to its pliable and flexible nature, shifting cloaks are a work of wonder, and few exist in working order in the modern era.

Using a webbing of golden formulae woven into the outer lining of these cloaks, and taking the body heat of the wearer absorbed from the hood, with a magical container as a clasp around the wearers neck, these cloaks can read the immediate surrounding and shift colors and textures to suit.

This creates a material of varying camouflage that is maintained simply though the wearers body heat. The chief downside is that it will not work in colder environments and the slightest damage to them will render large portions of the cloak inoperable.

Self Folding Edges

A common runetching for weapons, self folding blades have formulae to take kinetic energies from the motion of them, and use the banked magical energy from this motion to sharpen edges.

Often times wealthy travelling companies possess an axe with this property used for collecting firewood and never needing to be sharpened.

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