Rordras Dustshoulder

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Rordras Dustshoulder is a high ranking official of [The Grey Fingers]. He is cold, calculating and brutally honest, as is the tenet of all Grey Fingers. Rordras believes in upholding [The Iron Decree] to the letter for the betterment of all.

He can be quick to anger, but for the most part has his temper under control.

He is known to work closely with Sengen Flinttooth.

Abilities & Possessions

Little is know about Rordras’ capabilities save that he is a masterful embercrafter, demonstrating he is powerful enough to burn organic materials from a room selectively and wield cinderbar all while being delicate and precise enough to warps a benign flacon into a detailed ornament of a sparrow in seconds.

He has also demonstrated that he is capable of reaching a great height with a single leap with either embercrafting, or some sort of artifact.

Encounter with The Bandit King

Rordras slayed The Bandit King effortlessly through the use of a cinderbar in a brief struggle with the Lesser Rulers as witness.

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