Ripplark Butterfly

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Adult WingspanTwo Spans
Lifespan200 Days


Ripplark butterflies gain their name from their rippled wings. Unlike most butterflies they carry their young with them, taking them on long journeys across Mortegard to see out the most tender leaves. These trips typically span half of their lives, where they then leave their young to hang as chrysalises before making a trip back to where they first emerged as butterflies.


Ripplarks typically mate on their first day of adult hood, The females carry their eggs to the point of hatching. After about 3 days, caterpillars emerge from what would typically be considered the egg duct, and spend much of their time hanging from their mothers abdomen.


Ripplark butterflies enjoy a diet of varied nectar, while their young will eat the leaves of large trees while they hang from their mothers abdomen. The largely sedentary nature of the caterpillars thanks largely to the mothering of the adult butterlies results in a minimalistic diet as energy does not need to be spent on locomotion.


Ripplarks travel in large flocks which they spend the entirety of their lives with. Often times different flocks and descendants of these can be identified by patterns, coloration or size of the flock.


Ripplarks are subject to much predation from insectivorous birds and bats, often being caught mid air. However their high sheen wing pattern is disorienting and their odd flight pattern lends itself well to avoiding predators.

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