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Adult Weight4-5kg
Maturity Period3 months
Lifespan8 years


The rinerth is a domesticated subterranean animal, roughly the size of a large chicken that has a diet primarily of cave moss and mushroom heads.

Rinerth’s possess vestigial eyes and actually use echolocation to navigate their surroundings using their large ears and clacking their claws and jaws to generate a sharp sound. This makes them simple to confuse and tame, making the domestication of them easy.


While there are still many wild rinerths, the vast majority of them are farmed in Arkenheart. Both indoor and outdoor farms of rinerths are raised for their sphere-like eggs, of which they lay up to 250/year with a proper diet and environment. In order to lay eggs, Rinerths must mate at least once every 8 days to keep batches of eggs developing. Despite this, rinerths are incredibly efficient at converting crude protein into nutritious eggs.

Rinerth eggs can be characterized be their peppery taste. They are highly nutritious and have blood-red yolks, making them a colorful addition to many traditional dwarven dishes.


Under stressful conditions, rinerths can enter a meditative state, curling up into a ball and slowing their metabolism to a crawl. Through doing this they enter a near stasis, and can exists, even in low oxygen environments for many decades. They are often transported like this in order to avoid having to transport feed with them.

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