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Breeding habits

Kit Weight1-2kgs
Fawn Weight50-80kg
Buck Weight70-110kg
Gestation6 weeks
Litter size3-8 kits
Maturity Period6 months
Lifespan4-6 years
Top Speed10 leagues/hour

Rabbuck are a distant relative of the much smaller rabbit. Found in wooded areas, they are often hunted by remote tribes or hamlets for their sinuous meat.

Rabbuck multiply very rapidly, with just a 6 week gestation period and 6 months to maturity. If not kept in check by people or natural predators they quickly become a pest.

Preferring cave systems enlarged with networks of tunnels they dig with fervor over generations for breeding, they live in small herds consisting of up to 25 females cohabitating in ‘fawnlands’ with males being solitary and transient, made to leave to colony upon reaching adulthood.


Attempts to farm these creatures have been made, but with their habitat requirements requiring cave systems coupled with their ability to leap to over thrice their height and cling very well, fencing proves impractical. Often times poorer communities leave some females alive with each passing season, and hunt them as their numbers grow.

Larger agrarian societies do not see the tradeoff of their crops becoming animal fodder as worthwhile and often hunt them to localized extinction.


Rabbucks lack a great deal of intellect, often thought of as closer to dopey rodents than majestic buck toothed deer. Very rarely an eccentric noble will keep one as a pet. Empaths occasionally also form a bond with these creatures, with lighter weight individuals riding them or using them to send messages or scout.

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