Order of the Shepherds

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It is said that when light was first cast upon the realm of Mortegard, that the shadow behind it took the form of a beautiful woman who gazed over the lands of mortals with a solemn look and a lantern in hand.

Although, interestingly enough, if the followers of [Pyrism] were asked, they’d argue that it was in fact the lighting of her lantern that sparked the dawn of the first day.

Order of the Shepherds

Religious organization dedicated to the veneration and worship of Lorne, Goddess of Travel. Though many of their churches can be found scattered across Mortegard, their main headquarters and bulk of their followers originated in the nation of Bolochtar.

Primarily comprised of three orders that operate under the banner of the goddess of travel, these sects offer a variety of services to anyone who would seek them out.

The Three Orders

The Lantern Lighters

When people hear the name of the Lantern Lighters, what first springs to mind is The Great War. Even in the face of the wicked Crooked, they ensured that no soul would be lost to the darkness. The members of this order clad themselves in armor and grabbed whatever counted as a weapon to follow the defending forces out to the fields of battle. Over the course of the war, without regard for their own safety, they made sure that the light of Lorne would persist in the face of an unbeatable enemy.

When The Curse of Bolochtar struck, not only did the Lantern Lighters fend off the Crooked, but so too turned their blades against their own in an attempt to lay to rest those who succumbed to the affliction. After the war, the surviving members swore an oath to continue to protect the people of Bolochtar, as well as to uphold the virtues of the goddess of travel.

Training themselves now as defenders, they aim to bolster the might of The Order of the Shepherds so that should a similar catastrophe arise, they’d be able to carry out their duties without stall.

However, there are some who have taken to the oath far more closely than others, which has earned them the reputation of zealots. Though there may be a schism forming within the order, many still know the difference between right and wrong.

The Candle Keepers

The Shepherds

The Shepherds serve as the priests of Lorne and are capable of effective prayer.

Notable People

[Vicar Levina]

[Krem Deltrud]


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