Lorne, Goddess of Travel

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A Dilapidated Parish to Lorne

Commonly depicted as a beautiful woman draped in a cloak with its hood drawn, she is most often portrayed as carrying a lit lantern. Being the Goddess of Travel, Lorne is usually revered by merchants, soldiers, or people who are setting out for long pilgrimages and trips. However, the main belief is that Lorne is the goddess responsible for guiding souls, lost or not, back to the [Cycles]—a wellspring where all mortal souls come from and return to. Because of this, she is widely worshipped across the entirety of Mortegard as the goddess most called upon for funeral rites.

Prior to The Great War, it was the nation of Bolochtar that chose to adopt The Order of the Shepherds as their mainstay religion. Across their lands many churches and cathedrals were built to sing the psalms of Lorne. It wasn’t until The Curse of Bolochtar was cast over its people that these prayers changed in meaning.

Prayers to Lorne

The priests of Lorne are often called Shepherds, for their ability to unbind souls trapped on the mortal plane by The Curse or by necromancy.

While most benign prayers to Lorne are for safe travels, and for funeral rights, effective prayers to Lorne can alter the mood of others, lift the spirit or aid in the natural healing process. Lorne takes her toll in the form of a bodily tax, aging or causing aching, stiffness of joints or fragility, bringing the requestee closer to her embrace.

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