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Average Height6 spans
Average Lifespan15 Years(or 100s)
Adulthood Age3 Years


Servile in nature, Lepkins are one of the less prominent races of Mortegard. They are characterized by their frog-like appearance, various skin colors(yellow, green, blue or red) and webbed hands and feet(each featuring 4 digits)

Typically Lepkins will live in stilted villages in bogs, marshes or swamps. They are usually lazy by nature and do not apply themselves, but have immense intellectual potential. Usually the ones that stand out from the rest of their kind will rise to leader status by default or break away form their tribes to seek a place.

Lepkins enjoy a diet of insects, and encourage the multiplication of them in special ‘mosquito nusuries’ and ‘fly hatcheries’ though whether this is from a lack of desire to better themselves or the palette of animal origins is unclear. Lepkins that have broken away form tehri tribes will typically enjoy a well balanced diet and do not actively see out insects to eat.

Lepkins prefer a humid environment or access to water, though they will oil themselves in more arid conditions to prevent themselves drying out.

Opinion and Population

Due to their nature and living conditions, the lepkin are often viewed as dirty and undesirable by the more prominent races of Mortegard. As they are not very capable in combat, they are often captured and forced into servitude by rouge rulers and underlords.

Lepkins multiply at a very alarming rate, often spawning multiple dozens of eggs at a time. Without their short lifespan and low willpower they would quickly multiply out of control. They are predated on by crocodiles, and often must take measures to protect their young, though not all lepkins do this. Many alchemists have suggested using them in alchemic experiments to create some means of curbing their population but this has never been seriously investigated.

Lifespan Variation

Average lepkins have very short lifespans, mainly due to mental deterioration. Those that apply themselves and keep their minds clear can enjoy lifespans of seemingly hundreds of years. Many of the most long lived lepkins become prominent alembrists, often finding employ in Thaumaturgic Colleges.

Frog Origins

Lepkin share a significant share of their appearance with frogs, with an extendible and sticky tongue, webbed digits on limbs and croaking. This has led to the belief that unlike most other races, they are not of godly origins but instead were created by The Mortal Gods through elevating frogs to sapience.

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