King in Black

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The King In Black rules over all of Bolochtar. None have seen him in person since the beginning of the Curse of Bolochtar, which he claims soul responsibility for.

At the cost of his soul, he conjured the curse upon all his his people as an attempt to restore them to life, and to combat [The Crooked]. He had the black crown created for him, as means to anchor him to this plane of existence.

Prior to [The Great War] his life was already extended far beyond that of an ordinary human, leading to the belief that he was the first individual to have the curse placed upon him.

From his own self isolation, he works without rest to give justice to his people that have suffered from his decisions.


The King in Black is the most powerful soul walker Mortegard has ever known. Instead of leaving his personal prison, he extends himself into the greater world through his use of soul walking, appearing as a ‘featureless form ones eyes simply roll off”. His name is derived from when one thinks of his presence, all they can recall is a deep, disturbing blackness.

The Black Crown

The King in Black is rumored to draw his power from The Black Crown, which veils him in shadows, allows him to be in multiple places at once, and renders him virtually untouchable. In truth, the majority of the powers assigned to the crown stem from the King in Black himself: A master spirit walker, he relies on The Black Crown as a talisman to anchor him in his position between realms, and without it his ancient spirit would drift into the abyss.

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