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Kintecism Basics

Kineticism is the practice of gesticulation and body motion to direct magical energies contained within oneself or to direct them through oneself.

Kiteticists require immense training, precision and discipline. Kineticists, for the most part, must remain peak physical condition their bodies serving as a conduit.

Performing kineticism typically resembles a combative art form, and there is much cross over between physical combative arts and kineticism. Exact movements are required, but with proper form, balance and technique kineticists can direct elemental forces or use their bodies as a conduit to manifest magical energy.

This may come in the form of blasts of air, bolts of lightning, shifting water, igniting air among other results. Powerful kineticsts have even demonstrated the capacity to change weather patterns.


There are certain kineticists, such as [The Arbiter] that are able to perform great feats with just motions of their hands. Though this is a rare ability that usually requires centuries of practice and immense innate talent.

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