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Average Height8.5 spans
Average Lifespan45 Years
Adulthood Age8 Years


Known for their transient nature, the Kheshiir are one of the less prominent races of Mortegard.

Kheshiir travel in groups of several families called ‘Caravan Camps’, typically make a living by working as servants for hire, working as long as their services are required before moving on.

Kheshiir feel it is their duty to learn and spread the histories of Mortegard through oration, and many Caravan Camps will perform stage plays, orate to crowds in taverns, put on roadside shows, or tell fireside stories to locals in order to spread news and stories among the general populous.

It is tradition for kheshiir to share meals, drink and stories for days when they cross the paths of one another on the road.

Kheshiir dare not cross paths with Osvaran Elves, who view them as closer to animal than sapient, and will often chase them out or hunt them for sport.


Kheshiir are often looked down upon my many people of Mortegard. Much like cats, they possess a supreme agility and grace. Some kheshiir use this for more selfish ends, turning to a life of theft, assassination and crime. While very few kheshiir take this path, they are much more prominent in the minds of many, leading to the general belief that kheshiir are better not trusted.

Some kheshiir aspire to greater things, turning their backs on the transient servile nature of their kin and instead channeling their talents into mercenary work, aspiring to become rulers themselves.

Kheshiir rulers are known to be cunning and extremely well informed, serving as information brokers and leveraging the khshiir network.

Feline Origins

Kheshiir share a great deal of their physiology with cats. This has led to the belief that unlike most other races, they are not of godly origins but instead were created by The Mortal Gods through elevating cats to sapience.

Kheshiir share many similarities to cats; sleeping positions, cleanliness and even forms of communication to the point where kheshiir and communicate somewhat with their more primitive counterparts.

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