Humpback Spider

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DietSmall Mammals
Adult SizeFour Spans
Lifespan450 Days


Humpback spiders are very large solitary hunters that prey on small mammals. Not possessing web organs or venom, these spiders hunt but leaping on their prey from tree tops, and strangling them. Latching tendons create a grip that is difficult to break free from.

Razor sharp fangs are also used as an attacking mechanism, and to cut slivers of fresh meat off their prey to be devoured in situ.

Despite their simple brain structure, they can make complex calculations on how to accurately leap on their prey even from hundreds of yards in the Osvaran tree canopy.


Found in Osvaran tree canopies, they are one of the apex predators in their food chain, their only foe being local Osvaran hunters, who hunt them for meat, and use their fangs for ceremonial arrow tips.

Other larger predators dare not risk attacking these spiders as the damage that can be done in combat will not often be worth the benefit found in a meal of them.


These spiders typically lay a single cluster of eggs in their short lifespans, in sunny spots highs in trees, where they leave them to hatch and continue on the solitary life this species is known for.

After mating females typically attempt to attack males unsuccessfully, with the males being slightly smaller but significantly faster.

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