Homunculi Mouse

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Adult Weight300grams
HabitatFound in Labs
ClassificationAlchemical Synthetic
Maturity Period1 Year
Lifespan12 years
IntelligenceExtremely High


The homunculi mouse is a creature created though the alchemical synthesis of human and mouse. Several mice are consumed and not less that one fresh human finger to create a homunculi mouse. Due to the extremely complex nature of the formula alongside the unwillingness of most living humans to forego a finger, homunculi mice are extremely expensive.

Homunculi mice are large, rat sized mice lacking the tail typical of a mouse. Their ears are smaller than that of a mouse, and their rear feet lack claws. They are also nearly completely hairless, though some have stringy human like hair on their heads, depending on the previous owner of the finger they are made from.

Their front paws are replaced with human like hands which are fast, and very nimble. They often walk on their hind legs while carrying things but will revert to all fours when running. They are extremely intelligent creatures able to remember and carry out complex commands and are capable of basic speech.


Homunculi mice are valued for their intelligence and practical use in labs. They can be taught extremely complex commands and actions and can carry them our with great accuracy. Examples of this include; measuring ingredients, taking notes, measurement and recording, making observations

Their intellect could be compared with a human child around the age of ten, but without the capacity to garner a deeper understanding beyond that of a 3-4 year old.

They are also capable of speech and carrying out basic conversations to the capacity of a young child, though often they will struggle with advanced concepts and repeat themselves frequently. Interestingly they are capable of completing mathematical equations, though when questioned on how they draw conclusions they will get upset and frustrated at their inability to answer.

Like all alchemical creatures they have no self preservation instinct and must be reminded to eat and drink frequently. For thsi reason, alchemists sometimes equip them with a mouse saddle, containing a method of intravenously introducing fluids and nutrients to help reduce loss.

Additionally, like all synthetic creatures they are incapable of reproduction, they do not seen to be capable of understanding the concept of reproduction at all and trying to explain it to them can make them frustrated.


Homunculi mice are most often found in alchemical, though sometimes field medics will use them to help with patient care and stitching.

Due to their extremely high costs and low success rate of creation they are very uncommon to see in the general populous.


Often times experienced alchemists will try using appendages from other races, but the results are often unsuccessful, with the resultant creations having misplaces limbs or external organs.

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