Hollowheart Mountain

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RegionCentral Arkenheart
TypeModified Natural Wonder
Built ByPre-war Dwarves
Height1/4 league


Hollowheart mountain is a modified natural wonder found in the depths of Arkenheart. It is a multi layered mountain range that was gradually hollowed out and filled in again with stores of iron acquired through trade and put into the hands of the state. The constrution of this seems impossible to most common folk outside of Arkenheart, leading to it being a feature in [children’s stories] and thought of as a myth.

The inside of the mountain was layered with great halls, tunnels and tourist attractions. It was used as a display of the might and wealth of Arkenheart. Along the tunnels stories were depicted of the accomplishments and histories of dwarfs, the insides were always kept lit with runeetched lamps that ran on the convention of heat currents that kept the tunnels warm and dry.

People from all corners of Mortegard travelled to Arkenheart to view the tunnels of Hollowheart Mountain, often staying for over a week, gradually making their way to the top to view The Great Cosmos from the observatory and pray to their deity of choice.


After the hunting of shattersnakes, lodemites began to spread throughout the world, Hollowheart Mountian proved the perfect environment for them. Within a decade of their infestation, Hollowheart Mountain’s halls turned to tunnels of lodewater sludge.

Eventually the lodemites excrements began bleeding from the sides of the mountain and filled the surrounding landscape with a swamp of lodewater. This earned it the nicknames ‘The Folly of the Pride-Filled Heart’ and ‘Bleeding-Heart Mountain’ for the former tourist attraction.

In the modern day few dare to tread near the mountain for fear of becoming trapped in lodewater or falling into a sinkhole. And it remains an eyesore and unpleasant reminder on the horizon for a swathe of central Arkenheart. Alembrists work closely with embercrafters to try and find a solution to curing the mountain of its infestation, and restoring it to its former glory.

Have you not heard of The Hollowheart Mountain? Many believe it to be but a myth, but I have seen it. A mountain, its innards removed and replaced with a core of solid iron, the stony face is but a facade. It was an increadible feat once upon a time. But the lodemites…Ohhh…the lodemites.
– Dul’chuk Yunrathii

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