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RegionCentral Mortegard
TypeAncient location
Built ByUnknown Civilization


All the bones of the exotic beasts found in the Hinterland glow with an unnatural vibrance, but the ivory is coveted above all else. Nobody that returns from these arid plains can quite remember the shape, size, or form of the creatures here, but they remember vividly the lust they felt for the ivory, and their hatred for the wondrous majesty of the animals that possessed it.

The true properties of the ivory as of yet remain unknown, but observers have noted that returning hunters from this Wilderland location often feel the urge to give the ivory away, then are overcome with a sadness that can drive even the most resolute to tears. Soon after, they are filled with a violent urge to return and tear down the majesty of the incredible creatures once more…

This ivory truly is a precious substance, so beautifully delicate, but undeniably strong. Truly a treasure to make tools and weapons from! Aguwah! The hunt continues…
– Feyrith, Osvaran Hunter

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