Grimthief Cap

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Ideal ConditionsBurial Sites
Size1/2 span
UseConsidered Toxic


Grimthief caps are a mushroom common in boggy areas. They are found mainly growing on burial sites of animals and sapient mortals though are not always found in such circumstances. The area they are most common in is [Grimmhorst], Bolochtar. Consumption rarely produces a strange hallucinogenic effect in the midst of fever dreams related to the experiences of the burial site they are harvested from.


Consumption of a grimthief cap is highly dangerous, causing painful vomiting, hot flushes and fever dreams.

Interestingly, the feverdreams frequently feature momentary experiences through the eyes of the individual whose burial site the cap was grown on. This leads misguided individuals to pick and eat mushrooms found on the graves of their ancestors.

These effects can last several days and result in ‘lost time’ that is painful to remember. In extreme cases and bad dosages, people have died from grimthief cap poisoning

Experience Journals

Andreas Carpenson

  1. The family carpentry business has fallen a long way since Grandfather handed it to Father. His drinking has become an increasing problem, and mom has taken to driftroot and just sits around all day. But I remember, when we were boys, grandfather told me of a place where he buried a quarter of every sale for safekeeping. He was meant to show me where it was, but when the dropbear took him, there was little left of him to bury and not enough of him to rise again.
  2. I have a grimthief cap that I found growing on Grandfather’s grave and I’ve heard you live out the memories of the person in the grave you pick them from if you eat them. I have also heard the experience can be painful, and make you a little sick. So I write this to you, brother, so if you find me, you know why I asleep and that I will be fine.
  3. So far I feel nothing. Maybe a slight headache and a little nausea.
  5. I now know why people fear dropbears, and the full experience of being shredded by one. I am fortunate my brother was able to give me water, otherwise I would have surely perished. I am afraid Grandfather’s gold will forever remain the secret he carried to his grave.
  6. Brother, I believe the gold is in the domain of the dropbear and that is what was being communicated to me through the dream. I will investigate and write my findings and where to find me in this journal when I return. See you soon brother.

Rodrick Melyncrach

  1. I fear I will soon be drawn to fight the Crooked – the war rages on with no sign of stopping. There must be some way to avoid brutal death on the battlefield, I am no fighter, not at all.
  2. During a late night in the tavern, I overheard an adventurer regaling his comrades with tales of ‘grimthief’ caps – memories and skills from beyond the grave making their way into my own head! I must look into this.
  3. A trip to the local alchemist confirmed the adventurer’s wild tales, but he did warn that the effects can be dangerous and extremely unpredictable. Perhaps with more research.
  4. I found one! After a lengthy foray into the bogs, I stumbled upon a colony of grimthief caps. The area was not marked with any sort of tombstone, and the alchemist said the effects are much milder when not grown directly from a grave.
  5. “Kil’tach, masz. Wyl e’chen Bolochtar dursazt. Ven gratstet. BURN.”.
  6. What have I done? How could this have happened? Oh Lorne forgive me, my cowardice has cost me everything…

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