Grey Emperor Butterfly

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Adult WingspanHalf Span
Lifespan120 Days

Larva Stage

Grey Emperor Butterflies are found in the arid ash plains of Sha’haiya. From egg to maturity they are dependent on [brushtail plants], one of the scarce few plants that can survive the harsh conditions of the ash plains.

Caterpillars of the Grey Emperor Butterfly weave near airtight pockets of fine silk on the outer edges of leaves of brushtail plants. Starting with fine threads they pull each thread tighter and tighter until the leaves are folded in two, creating a pocket where they spent the entirety of their larval stage. Within these pockets, a humid environment is created.

The caterpillars eat the interior surface of the leaf-capsule, gradually growing in size until they are sufficiently ready to enter their pupae stage. Thsi usually takes no longer than 30 days.

Pupa Stage

Grey Emperor Caterpillars convert their entire leave pocket home into a chrysalis where they hang for 14 days, eventually metamorphizing into their final life stage, the butterfly.

Butterfly Stage

Grey Emperors spend the majority of their life as butterflies serving as pollinators for brushtail plants while living purely off the nectar of their flowers. Due to the consistently arid conditions, they must move form plant to plant to retrieve sufficient moisture. The vast majority of Butterflies succumb to the heat and arid conditions they are forced to inhabit, however.

If by chance they survive, they typically mate once and lay their eggs on the first available brushtail plant to begin the cycle again.

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