Gorvin Dremenwall

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Thought to be one of the finest smiths in known dwarven history, Gorvin’s skill was only able to be matched by his oversized ego. Forging the metal Dremensteel, weapons and armors bearing his insignia are now some of the most sought after creations of the modern day, despite his passing of over 200 years ago.

It is said that a dwarf wielding a weapon made of Dremensteel is capable of tearing through any other material, whereas those who don Dremensteel armor could brave a point-blank blow from a [Maverick Cannon] and live to see another day. However, the quality of his work is only exceeded by its market value, and some much prefer to display these rare antiquities instead of subjecting them to the messy trials of war.

Because Gorvin sired no family, and being adamant about not training any proteges, in typical dwarvish fashion, he told no one else of his technique and took the Dremensteel forging method with him to his stubborn grave.

Although, one thing is clear from written accounts of those who managed to sneak a peek at his technique—Gorvin Dremenwall was not an Embercrafter.

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