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Adult Weight1-2kg
Maturity Period9 Months
Lifespan8-12 Years
IntelligenceVery High


Feyhawks are a very social bird species found naturally on the outskirts of [Osvara]. They live in large social flocks, usually centered around singular tall trees. In these colonies they share resources. knowledge of food, watch each others young as required, and warn of dangers while working together to combat threats.

Feyhawks pair bond for life and usually do not live long if their life-partner dies before them. A typical pair of Feyhawks will successfully raise approximately 60 chicks to maturity throughout their lives in the wild, though these numbers are much higher in captivity, reaching up to 200 chicks.


Due to their capacity to synthesize gold in their feathers when allowed to roam and forage for a natural diet, many resources were put into taming feyhawks. Traditional aviaries were proven not to satisfy their craving for the high treetops and thus special aviaries were invented to meet this requirement. Trained to come at the call of a bell, they are allowed to freely roam each day and return upon its chiming.

At one year of age the weaker feyhawks are butchered cheifly for their feathers, which are abled to be rendered down for trace amounts of gold. Their meat is considered a delicacy among kineticists for its ability to enhance the senses and attunement with magical energies when consumed regularly. Larger feyhawks are allowed to continue to breed, while the most intelligent are sold on.


Feyhawks exude an intelligence far above average birds. Unlike pigeons or seagulls, which simply carry messages back to their home or to a trained location, Feyhawks are capable of being given specific instructions. The most intelligent have been reported to be capable of hunting down specific people in loosely described regions.

Feyhawks are known to have immensely acute vision, and empaths that have bonded with them claim that feyhawks are capable of seeing the movement of a mouse at the height of a spire of giant Osvaran tree.

Intelligent feyhawks are often sold to empaths or wealthy nobles. Due to their high intellect they can perform a large range of tasks. While they make good attack birds they are often too valuable to be used in this way and are instead used as scouting birds or messengers.

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