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Embercraft is a powerful talent innate in some dwarves to shape, wield and create heat and fire.

Most dwarves that possess this are not aware of their capabilities and it is instead sensed by other embercrafters. This is referred to as having “fire in your heart. However the love or passion for something, such as ones children, or a love of a hobby can easily be mistaken for this the ability to embercraft.

Grey Fingers in Arkenheart desire to have a monopoly on this talent, and seek out all who have fire in their hearts, putting them to trial in the Emberheart Hollows. By majority most with fire in their hearts do not have the ability to embercraft, countless deaths result from this misinterpretation.


Embercrafters have a great many talents. While they vary widely based on the skill and innate power of the embercrafters, those with even a slight grasp on their abilities are immensely powerful.

Fire Shaping

The most basic talent is the capacity to shape fire as though it were a solid object. This allows embercrafters to wield it as though it were a weapon, or use it shape metal. More capable embercrafters can conjure flame form seemingly nothing. The most capable could fill an inn full of peopel with fire, and extinguish it without burning a hair off a single patron.

Some embercrafters carry bars of iron with them that they shape into what they need as the need arises.


Ember crafters have heightened senses not available to most mortals. They are capable of detecting ferrous materials in rock, with the most capable able to sense iron in blood.

They can also detect passion in people referred to “fire in your heart”. This is frequently mistaken for the innate talent of embercrafting, which is sensed in the exact same way.

Some embercrafters are capable of sensing the heat of a fire at up to a kilometer away.

Their ability to sense heat makes them fearsome opponents in melee combat as they can sense movement in body heat(or lack of it).


Conjuring cinderbar is an ability that only the most adept of embercrafters can access. It involves the creation of a unique rod of flame or concentrated heat that resembles a bar of white-hot iron. The size and impacts of this bar are dependent on the power of its wielder, ranging from hair thin to broom handle in diameter. These bars cause the instant vaporization of the first thing they touch, dependent on material and the power of the cinderbar.

A single hair thin cinderbar would exhaust most embercrafters, but a select few are capable of conjuring much larger bars multiple times over. Rordras Dustshoulder is one of these embercrafters.


Embercrafters can imbue metals with emberetched runes. Dissimilar to Alembria and Runetching, the markings put in materials with emberetching simply excude the energies they were created with, rather than requiring logic and precise and complex formulas and speech, gestures or markings.

These markings can cause metals to become extra hard, resist flame or run hot when used in combat. Traditionally if the runes impart any kind of magical property beyond the alteration of the materials, they required charging from an embercrafter, typically making them serve embercrafters best.

However some emberetchers are able to created runes that can be charged of the heat of a fire, furnace or even lava. These methods are typically reserved for wardings which can retain and project immense heat on certain conditions. A ward of defense called embermines, which explode in immense heat when pressure is applied to an etched plate, also have this residual charging property.

Air Currents

Embercrafters have the capacity to heat air in highly localized places creating small, controlled gusts of air capable of lifting small objects. Those with supreme talents in this area use this ability to bolster their maneuverability, leading to incredibly high and far leaps and improved speed of movement.

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