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Built ByAll Nations
Size30 paces
Maximum Payload7,000kg


The Embercopter is a modern marvel of Mortegard. Built over the course of several hundred years. Refined and rebuilt several dozen times, it is the only construct capable of flight at speed.

Through an ingenious interconnection of emberetching and runetching, and a construction largely of darksteel, this vehicle uses a combination of jest and propellors to achieve flight.

While the Embercopter was made in Arkenheart, it was a combined effort of the four great kingdoms, who all paid for its creation and maintenance. As a result it is run by a nation-independent organization, that works for the betterment of Mortegard, with profits split between all nations. It is most often used in The Wilderlands, to evacuate important individuals for a contract fee.


The Embercopter requires several embercrafters of high caliber to drive its engine. Through focused power just below that of cinderbar on golden rods with countless rubies installed. An immense amount of energy is stored, then conducted in pulsing waves to drive a piston mechanism that turns enormous curved blades generating lift. The rotation of these propellors are assisted with the excess heat generated in embercrafting through jet-like fires, turning the blades.

Excess magical energy is stored in an enormous polished ruby on the nose of the vehicle, when fully charged, this allows the embercrafters to recover as the ruby discharges.

A trained pilot in a self contained compartment, shielded from the immense heat in the main compartments, can redirect some of this conducted energy into directional jets or tilting a ballast to achieve direction.


The Embercopter is used for transportation of important individuals and the transportation of highly valuable materials. The pilots compartment can hold several dozen individuals and can take payloads of up to 7000kg at any given time, embercrafter strength depending.

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