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Each primordial will grant true devotees blessings when requested in full earnest. While not all prayers are effective prayers, those that are have fantastical, near instantaneous effects. They vary between deities, and only chosen individuals that have devoted their lives to their deity are able to make these requests and have them answered. They come at a cost however, and are thus used sparingly by all but the most selfless.


Prayers to Lorne chiefly concern healing and disposition. A prayer to Lorne may heal a wound, or alter ones mood or the mood of others. Lorne’s prayers can also refresh one and result in a hasty recovery, but cannot cure illness.

Prayers to Lorne gradually makes one’s body stiff and frail. Many priests or those that rely on the prayers of Lorne stoop over and use staves to support themselves. Travelling priests called can often be seen with lanterns hanging from their staves.


Prayers to Pyriel concern the manipulation or detection of one’s environment. Prayers to Pyriel might break stone or set a tree ablaze. They can slo point one towards natural resources. Arkenheart relies on priests of Pyriel when embercraftrers are not present to find sources of new iron.

Pyriels servants gain a great hunger and thirst which is difficult to satisfy. Most priests of Pyriel suffer from alcoholism and obesity as a result.


Prayers to Ashala improve others or one’s own physical performance to inhumane levels. The most powerful prayer would allow one to run across water without breaking surface tension, or to leap to incredible heights.

Prayers to Ashala gradually strips one of control over their emotions, making them quick to anger or sorrow.


Prayers to Nergu have to do with sickness. A prayer to Nergu can pull sickness from one living thing into another as long as they are compatible. A priest may pull a flu from a person and give it to a dog. Oftentimes these priests are seen as healers rather than displacers of illness. Many use their own bodies as vessels and send pestilence unto their enemies.

Prayers to Nergu make one gradually become increasingly naturally ill, holding onto fragments of the diseases they seek to displace. Use of Nergu’s prayers is rather addictive and priests find it increasingly hard to stop, leading to a spiraling decent sickness and eventually death.


Athos rarely answers prayers and his devotees are few. Those prayers he does answer give direction and often prevent death or misfortune.

Answered prayers from Athos permanently dim ones natural senses, eventually resulting in partial or complete blindness, deafness, loss of feeling or smell/taste.

Forgotten God

Little is known of the Forgotten God. Fre’ja attempted to study the forgotten god in The Wilderlands and consequently lost the vast majority of her memories of personal experiences, including her birth name.

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