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Adult Weight70-100kgs
HabitatBoloctratian Woodlands
Maturity Period24 months
Lifespan18 years

Once thought to be myth, rumor or wives tale, the dropbear is one of the most fearsome predators of Bolochtar. These rare marsupials have proven difficult to study due to their elusive nature, and high aggression when spotted.

Large, with a form akin to that of a stooping bear, and birch-brown in color, these predators blend in well with that woodland surroundings, making them difficult to spot in the wild.

Dropbears are marsupials and carry up to two young in their front pouch. Little is known of their breeding habits.


Nobody has ever survived an attack from a dropbear. However, those who have witnessed them say that the bear has descended “from nowhere” directly on top of its target, mauling them to death. This descending attack is where tehy find their names”


Dropbears are rarely seen, and if they are, people are advised to run in the other direction and not look back, lest they fall victim to an attack. Attempts have been made by individuals to hunt these vicious predators, to little success.


The diet of dropbears is unknown, but it is assumed they are largely pescatarian.

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