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Ideal ConditionsFlooded, costal
OriginsCostal Osvara
UseDrugs & Medicines


Driftroot is a psychotropic drug that induces a mild calming sensation and enhanced creativity through limited controlled use.

It is generally outlawed and grown in controlled circumstances or by [underlords], though in some more libertarian kingdoms its use is overlooked.


Driftroot is a tree that grows in flooded conditions. It is capable of withstanding high saline conditions and is most often growing by costal communities.

Driftroot grows tubes from its root system, that stick up vertically above the flooded waterline in which they’re grown. Deeper water results in longer tubes. When harvested and cured, they are lit and smoked, the inhalation of which grants the psychotropic effect.

If the tubes become filled with water, the plant can drown, especially if the water in whch they grow is too saline. For this reason the fields in which these trees are grown is typically gradually flooded then drained to allow for harvesting and regrowth once per annum.


Inhalation of smoke from dried driftroot tubes creates a calming effect. Colors seem more vibrant and circumstances seem more tolerable. It also stimulate creativity with short term use, thoguh long term exposures dulls ones mind and removes originality. Given its prolific growth and affordability, it is a drug used by many impoverished individuals, though its long term use hinders their ability to improve their circumstances.

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