Expeditions Concept

Expeditions are an exciting new gameplay layer that adds additional functionality to Courtiers, allowing them to be sent off on missions to acquire ten different tokenized items, new resources that unlock the powerful ‘Tier 3’ structures.

Courtiers require resources to fuel their journeys, the majority of which will be burned with the balance being distributed through the Wildervarden system.

Learn more about Expeditions in the Whitepaper.

Warfare Concept

Players will be given the chance to build a military and participate in warfare. While this is an early concept it will provide an opportunity for a high risk, high reward means of play. Players will be able to participate as a nation or as a mercenary force, not pigeonholing players into having to rule a kingdom if that is not their desired method of play.

Warfare is intended to implement tactical advantages for skilled players and be run in tiers to allow players of all sizes to participate.

Image is an example only and not representative of the final product