Dead City

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RegionCentral Mortegard
TypeAncient location
Built ByUnknown Civilization


An enormous city clad in gold stands in perfect condition near the center of The Wilderlands, stoic against the brutal sandstorms that batter its ageless walls. As one approaches, however, they see the streets, buildings, and skies are all empty. The air sits still and choking, rife with the scent of putrefaction, but evidence of life remains untouched as if the inhabitants lurk just around the corner. Meals laid out for families cover tables, fireplaces are still warm to the touch, and shelves remain neatly organized. Any adventurer who attempts to scavenge the remains immediately suffers an enormous, crushing, feeling of malefaction, often overwhelming them to the point of collapse. 

One of the sorobans found in the city.

One thing stands out above all else, even in this strange land: the Sorobans. They appear in seemingly random locations, be it on a bed, on a shelf, or atop the roof of a building. When approached, they seem to  ‘sing out’ to be taken, and indeed, are the only artifacts in the Dead City that can be safely moved. These objects allow for users to make immensely complex calculations, far above mortal intellect, with ease. Whether the Sorobans are the cause of the condition of the city, or some eldritch product of its fate, remains uncertain. 

The Sorobans stand as a backbone of the Sha’haiyan Merchants Prowess. The immense predictions and forecasts we can make with these allow us to predict with astounding accuracy the outcome or trades, wars, and investments. They are profoundly vital to the stability of the post-war economy, let us pray that our road to gold paved streets does not lead us to the same fate as The Dead City.
– Dul’chuk Yunrathii, official spokesman and Heavyweight Handler for The Sha’haiyan Merchants Guild.

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