Darkglow Ruins

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TypeAncient location
Built ByUnknown Civilization

Darkglow Ruins

Emitting a light-absorbing glow encompassing much of the Wilderland mountainside from which they were hewn, the Darkglow Ruins emit a perpetual ‘dark sunset’ on the horizon visible to all who dare venture near this place. Only the most sound of minds may tread here, with those of weaker will finding themselves slipping quickly into dark spirals: becoming covetous of secrets, and suspicious of others without cause. If left unchecked, the aura escalates to a full alteration of ones nature, causing many to become murderous and quick to anger. 

The frantic scrawls of parchment strewn through the halls have driven many scholars mad, but trace amounts can be copied out of context, sealed, and taken away to be deciphered by sufficiently prepared priests. The scrolls must then be destroyed, lest the dark wisdom contained within reach the general population and bring a plague of the soul.

The dark glow emitted at the edge of Bolochtar is truly a remarkable site, but it does weigh heavy on my unbeating heart. Just the thought makes me want to pour another wine or five.
– Yannic Bouldevaire, Poet & Heir.

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