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Adult WeightUnknown
Maturity PeriodUnknown
Size1-2 Leagues
Speed1-10 digits/year
LifespanSeemingly Immortal

These slow moving, enormous, subterranean creatures are known only as cragwales. Moving an almost imperceivable amount with each passing year, if at all, they can only be recognized by a trained eye as flat low hillocks, with uniform hard-wood tree spires emerging from their back. The earth atop a cragwhale is usually uncharacteristically luscious due to the spray they eject from blowholes centered on their backs.

Little is known about cragwales, but they are seemingly impervious to harm of any kind, be it fire, spear, spade, hatchet, lightning or otherwise.

Their diet may be ground dwelling creatures, symbiotic with their tree-growths from their back, or minerals and tree roots consumed from below. These are all speculations however and the underside of one of these creatures has never been seen.

At random points, a shower of water arises from the center of a cragwale, watering the earth that covers its back. This water adds fertility to soil, and occasionally farmers will plant crops on the creatures backs, or attempt to catch the ejected water in attempt to take advantage of this feature.

Superstition that they cause madness arose due to the events following Arnak’urr Teldrak’s research. This prevents people from settling on top of cragwales, though this is largely unsubstantiated.

When one hums a tune close to a cragwale’s blowhole, they can hear it faintly repeated as a low, soothing rumbling that gives a calming feeling. Many adventurous children that go missing are found in a deep sleep atop cragwales which it is difficult to rouse them from.

Cragwales grow large, hardwood trees out of their back in specialized glands. These trees grow at extraordinary rates, leading to people settling near them to harvest this dense wood.

Arnak’urr Tel’drak’s Research

Arnak’urr was a biologist from a wealthy Sha’haiyan family who paid extraordinary amounts to unearth one of these creatures in full. What he discovered was a flat, manta-ray like top. It featured:
-A whale-like tail, from which they later claimed their name
-A center blow hole, in which water is ejected from at random
-Specialized cavity-like glands in which trees grow from

Upon the first book in his intended series titled “The extraordinary surface of the Tel’drak Shark”, Arnak’urr’s mental stability seemed to begin slipping.

He began an excavation to get to the underside of the cragwale as he became increasingly obsessive over getting to the underside. After 2 years of digging, the tunnel collapsed unexpectedly, crushing Arnak’urr and many of his crew. The project was soon abandoned, and the cragwale being investigated eventually covered itself in earth once more. The research notes for his second book had only one note left on a torn scrap of parchment.

Since its discovery, a second attempt to continue Arnak’urr’s research into cragwales has not been made for fear there is some correlation between Arnak’urrs loss of sanity and his exploration of these creatures.

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