Companion Whiterib Spider

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Adult SizeOne Span
Lifespan250 Days


Companion whiteribs are social spiders living in colonies of up to 100 individuals. Most often found near grain silos, they are a welcome addition to food security for the mortal races. They lack any sort of venom and instead have sharp mandibles they use for killing and tearing flesh.

Interestingly they do not harm or attack the mortal races, leading to the belief their origin was from deliberate breeding.


Forming nests inside hollow trees, hay piles, or wall cavities these spiders reinforce walls with webbing and create hatch type doors that act as defense against predators. They always have multiple entrances to their lairs to ensure quick escapes if predators manage to enter their nests.


The colony tends to designate roles for individuals, some acting as guards, others that nurse young and some as hunters. Nursing spiders prechew food for the young to eat and keep them nested in cold conditions to prevent death.


The leading benefit to having companion whiterib spiders present, is that they hunt rats and mice. Stealthily creeping up on lone rodents, they then climb upon their backs and plunge their front two legs into their ears making contact with their brain. Then they ride the rodent back into their homes where they keep their prey alive as they gradually feast on them until the need to hunt comes again.

Some farmers claim these spiders keep some large numbers rodents as mounts, and groups of individual spiders use these to travel long distances to start new colonies, but further study is needed to substantiate these claims.

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