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Infant weight10kg
Adult Weight250-300kg
Maturity Period9 Months
Lifespan4 Years


Buckrats are created through alchemical synthesis of a rabbuck, rat, and mule. While shortlived a Buckrat is valued for its intelligence, ability to carry up to 80kg in dead weight and tis strength across all terrains. They tend to be reliant on their keepers for feeding, having no natural instinct for self preservation.

As with all synthesized animals, buckrats are entirely infertile and incapable of being bred. Interestingly, the amalgamation results in deer-like antlers, a trait none of their constituent animals possess.

As buckrats reach the end of their lives, they begin to deteriorate very quickly, and are thus better put down by their handlers than allowed to go through the painful process of ‘falling apart’.


Buckrats are generally used by military, merchants and travelling alchemists across rough terrains. Given they are capable of going days without food with little loss of energy as well as surviving on a diets of just about anything, they make ideal travelling companions. Dwarves use buckrats to supply military installments in remote hills, while elves use them to deliver goods into trees, or across thick jungle terrain.

Buckrats are capable of being ridden, but most often they’re carrying weight is best suited to the transportation of goods, and other forms of transportation are used, such as [ashstriders], or horses.

Buckrats tend to harbor disease which can spread to mortals, they require strict upkeep and clean diets and to be kept away form other disease carrying rodents.


Burckrats show intellect similar to a rat, but lack the self preservation instinct. They can be trained to perform tasks to the levels that an intelligent dog could, but still need to be reminded and encouraged to eat.

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