Batwing Butterfly

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DietEnriched Blood
Adult WingspanOne Span
Lifespan60 Days
ClimateControlled Humidity


Batwing butterflies are the product of alchemical synthesis. It was created with the amalgamation of bat and grey emperor butterfly genetics. Like all creatures of alchemical synthesis these animals are unable to procreate.

Originally created purely for the amusement of nobles, these large butterflies are usually kept in specially designed houses with artificially heightened humidity, where they are fed a diet of sugar enriched blood through special feeding devices.

Early in their invention, the creation of these extraordinary insects was an expensive and challenging process. In the modern era, master alchemists have managed to create a synthesis system that can create many of these animals from a single bat and many grey emperor eggs with an 80% success rate. This removed their former status of being purely for flaunting wealth down to novelty and are often bought for children for entertainment where they are soon released due to the inability to regularly acquire blood to enrich. These insects soon die on their own in the wild, and leave commoners puzzled or even fearful when their crimpled bodies are found in meadows or brought back by farm dogs.

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